Instagram’s way of revisiting your last year in pictures.


Instagram is one of the most famous photo and video sharing social platform. It has a lot of options but it is majorly used for photo sharing. It is also popular because of its ability to filter and edit these images instantly. Recently Instagram launched Weevme which is created by HUSH. This is an app designed to revisit all of your pictures that you uploaded on Instagram in the last year. It then “Weeves” all the images into a pattern and makes up a one single image. The more images you have uploaded, more intricate the pattern becomes. The creators are convinced that users will be able to identify all of their images and will be a good sharing experience.


Facebook had done a similar activity for their user which was named as “My year in pictures”. It lets you share the picture you have uploaded in the last year. It had customizing options as well so the users could alter the images and descriptions. The idea wasn’t really an instant hit but it later picked up slightly. Similarly its early days for Weevme and as the time goes on it is expected to go viral on Instagram.