The logo change of Firefox.

Logobench Reviews the logo change of Firefox.LB1

Firefox is famous for their internet explorer browser and their user friendly tools. It is certainly one of the most popular browsers in the group of a few good ones. Google chrome is famous for its speed browsing so Firefox is famous for option and that it can be customizable. They recently had some changes done to their logo. Although the changes were minimal in the outlook but they can be observed and they are worth mentioning.  They named it as re designing the simplified Firefox logo. They are proudly calling it the visual evolution of the Firefox logo. They have followed the same logo since inception. But they have tweaked it slightly and the latest one is no different.lb2

This time the logo has the same fox around the globe. This time the logo is seen with globe in more blue. And the fox is more fluent as there are less shades of orange. They have made the logo simpler and taken the shine out of it. You can’t really make out the globe, as the colors are too mixed up.