The common type of logo designs

Logobench Reviews the common type of logo designsLB

Logos usually define the business and the idea behind the design should be kept simple. If we look at the logos that are being created around the world, we find that most of the logos are designed in the basic two formats. Number one would be the typographic type of logos and number two would be graphical or iconic type of logos.LB1

The very common typographic type is widely used because of the simplicity and the emphasis on the name of the product or the manufacturer. There is one more type of logo design that can be called the mixture of these two designs. Its where there is an iconic image on the left and the typographic element that follows. This approach is also very popular because of its simplicity. The icon and the words are of the same size and follow the same pattern. Even the color scheme is the same. This is popular because they are easy to make and they serve the purpose.

As a logo designer you need to be creative and this traditional approach dosent allow you to be creative. This is an old approach used by many logo designers around the world and lacks the buzz now.






The spaces within the space in website development.

LogoBench reviews the spaces within the space in website development.LB1

The design of a page is extremely important if you are considering creating a page from scratch. Organizing content is one of the top priorities for a web designer. Organizing spaces makes it easy for your viewer to access all the important points in a very short time. White spaces are as important as the content itself. The space you leave offers a resting place for the viewer. The visitor feels they are not being pushed. The margins and the alignments are observed by the viewer in the subconscious mind. They may not be exactly looking at the spaces. Or the spaces may not me inviting if you look directly to them. But it’s your not-so-focused area of the vision. This subliminal advantage that you give to your visitor helps in regaining him for a longer period of time on your website. Help him focus on the areas you feel is important. This will eventually help the visitor in conversion.LB2

Designers feel that now is the time for minimum amount of words with the maximum amount of impact. On the other hand if the visitor is bombarded with content, flashy images and frequent pop up sort of interruptions. Visitor will be uneasy and move on to the next website which could be your competition.





The intricacy involved in the design of the logos.

Logobench Reviews the intricacy involved in the design of the logos.LB1

There are a lot of mistakes being made in the actual design of a logo. Almost every 5th logo that is being created has goof ups in it. If the logo is being printed on merchandise or give always and the size of the logo is too small then its details won’t be visible, so all that effort that is being put into the design and the intricacy of the logo is wasted. The logo has to be comprehensive so that the purpose of the logo is served which is to get registered in the minds of the consumer.LB2

If you can recall the logo of Starbucks, which is a good example of a complex logo, is a good example of how they redesigned the logo overtime but kept the intricacy level same and kept it looking like the old logo so that the consumers can relate the new logo with the old one. Their first logo was a topless mermaid in water with a noticeable double fist tail. The next version was in operation between 87 to 92 which showcased the same mermaid but her hair looked slightly changed and the color combination was different too. the fish tail was cropped. Now the new logo still has the same mermaid but her navel and chest is not visible.