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Every year United Nations Environment program celebrate the World Environment day on June 5. This is done to raise awareness about the environment issues that are pertaining currently. Every year there is a theme attached to the World Environment day and this year the theme is sustainable lifestyles. They have also selected a slogan that goes by “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” The raise further more awareness of this day, United Nations Environment program has launched a logo design competition. The winner of the logo design competition will not only be featured as the logo of World Environment day but also win a trip to Milan, Italy to see the Expo Milano 2015.

The expo is being held in Milan is actually a short for Universal Exposition or the World Fair. This year they are focusing on sustainable food and food systems.

Logobench Reviews

The competition says that you must use the slogan somewhere in the logo and also the title World Environment Day June 5. The last date for submission of the entries is April 19 and it is only open to individuals and not groups or organizations.

Article Source: http://www.logobenchreviews.com/a-logobench-review-on-the-logo-design-competition-for-the-world-environment-day/


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