The spaces within the space in website development.

LogoBench reviews the spaces within the space in website development.LB1

The design of a page is extremely important if you are considering creating a page from scratch. Organizing content is one of the top priorities for a web designer. Organizing spaces makes it easy for your viewer to access all the important points in a very short time. White spaces are as important as the content itself. The space you leave offers a resting place for the viewer. The visitor feels they are not being pushed. The margins and the alignments are observed by the viewer in the subconscious mind. They may not be exactly looking at the spaces. Or the spaces may not me inviting if you look directly to them. But it’s your not-so-focused area of the vision. This subliminal advantage that you give to your visitor helps in regaining him for a longer period of time on your website. Help him focus on the areas you feel is important. This will eventually help the visitor in conversion.LB2

Designers feel that now is the time for minimum amount of words with the maximum amount of impact. On the other hand if the visitor is bombarded with content, flashy images and frequent pop up sort of interruptions. Visitor will be uneasy and move on to the next website which could be your competition.






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