The claim to fame for a logo design.

LogoBench reviews  the claim to fame for a logo design.



It’s good to be ‘different’

You’d be astonished how many customers have demanded that we purpose logos that are very much alike to their rivals. That would certainly ring a bell, no? Well, the idea of creating your own logo means it has to be your logo and no one else’s. While it can be useful to look at logotypes that your challengers are using (or even individuals in the same industriousness), this can never be used as a pathfinder to creating your logotype. The theme here is to be dissimilar than your challengers. Your target is to stand out in a cluttered up market place. To have a logo that’s more adept than theirs. Or, for that matter different. Avoid over utilized logo platitudes at all costs.

LB2Color matters but comes second most important factor in your logo

The most crucial part of your logo design is the design itself. Oh surely, it’s nice to see your logotype in the colorations that you will finally use, but in the initial levels of any design the colorings are of secondary grandness. In fact, most logo pattern ideas start off as monochrome scribbles and sketches. Don’t be concerned about colors in the first place, it in the later stages of the logo design process that the colors come in. They can invariably be changed, or edited afterwards.















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