The size and aspect ratios of a logo design

LogoBench reviews  the size and aspect ratios of a logo design


Your new logo inevitably needs to procreate at a variety of different sizes – in particular if you are on the smallish side. Overly composite logos can ‘gum up’ when re created as a very small picture. Imagine a business card pattern, fax header. Consider a key chain, or a ball pen for that matter. Imagine the Nike ‘swoosh’. Not a very moving logo but it is easily recognizable on a sneaker on the TV where a complex logo wouldn’t be that easy to remember. Imagine your logo as a macro-sized image as well. Just like a hoarding. Acknowledging how your logo is going to be placed, both in sizing and mass medium can help your graphic designer create a logo design that’s appropriate in terms of complexness.

LB2Viewing ratio

The aspect ratio (the connection between the height and breadth of a logo) is vital. A logo that’s tall and thin, or too broad and short, is not visually delighting, and you’ll end up with all forms of layout matters when it comes to establishing your logo in no textual matter, particularly when combined with other graphic factors (ie: identity card, websites, etc). A logo that is nearer to a ‘golden section’ (almost the aspect connection of a business card) is much more delightful and more adjustable to working in other graphics. Square is fairly cool too – circle logos do have a visual appeal due to their ‘square up aspect ratio’. When it is a requirement of using a logo in social media, a square up format suits it pretty well.



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